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After working for 18 years in a large photographic studio, he decided to go out on his own and start a new freelance career. He is currently working on photography for interior design, architecture, gastronomy and advertising.

He works on a regular basis with magazines such as Euskal Herria, Nora and Zazpika. It is worth taking a look at his website and following the articles on his blog and social networks. And it's not just to salute the city's renewal, which has indeed garnered well-deserved international acclaim, but to make use of the promenades, gardens and bike paths. Foot soldiers head out every day to the banks of the river for the pleasure of walking, with the growing awareness of the health benefits of daily physical activity. Y no se han levantado para dedicarle una ovación, que podría ser, a juzgar por el reconocimiento internacional que este proceso ha merecido, sino para ocupar sus paseos, sus jardines, y sus bidegorris rutas para bicicletas.

Temprano por la mañana, sale la vanguardia de ese ejército inofensivo de paseantes y corredores. En estas filas se agrupan algunos de los. También hay espacio para los cuerpos mecanizados de patinadores y ciclistas. Existen 11 rutas que conectan los barrios de Bilbao mediante bidegorris, las vías reservadas a bicicletas y patinadores. Everyone has his or her own personal goal, often measured by the number of bridges they pass en route.

A total of nine bridges span the river between Euskalduna and San Antón.

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The walk takes about two hours. Dalton lotic peak discretionary. Hotel Londres 3. San Eugenio Shopping Centre [ Playa de las Américas ] Siempre puedes conocer a gente nueva en España, y date cuenta de que la vida puede sorprenderte una noche donde y cuando menos te lo esperas. Igor Yebra- Si, en cierto modo es cruel. Under the arches surrounding the rectangular square are several elorrio dating gay taverns serving delicious local tapas, known here as pintxos. Dijo que es un tema legislativo. Yo lo hago cada verano acogiendo a dos niños y no pido nada a cambio. Every sea and every coast, just like the landscapes in the elorrio dating gay, has its own special personality, and to a large extent, it is the sea that forges the character of the coastal towns. Es que aburrís con lo de facha, racista.

Early in the morning the advance guard of this peaceful army of walkers and runners takes to the streets. Their ranks include top-notch athletes who strut their chiselled physiques before heading to the office. As the morning wears on, caregivers and their charges appear, together with the veterans corps, taking advantage of their leisure time to enjoy the outdoors during business hours. In the late afternoon and evening when everyone is free from their obligations, the sports areas, playgrounds and promenades come alive with the rest of the troops.

There are also spaces for the mechanized corps of cyclists and skaters.


Eleven routes, locally known as bidegorris, reserved for bicycles and skates, connect Bilbao's various neighbourhoods. And the troops in top physical shape can head out their front doors on a half-day excursion in the mountains surrounding the city. Bilbao residents are particularly fond of heading up to Pagasarri or Artxanda, both of which are perfect destinations for visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Un evento que, como ha subrayado el Diputado de Promoción Económica, Imanol Pradales, nace con voca-. An international gathering of professionals from the music world, BIME combines activities specifically geared towards music industry professionals and others for the general public. Record presentations, congresses, debates, conventions and first-rate live performances all come together at this event, which is expected to draw in around 18, people, including 2, music professionals. Imanol Pradales, representative for Economic Advancement in Bizkaia, describes BIME as an event that strives to make Bizkaia a real reference in the European cultural and musical panorama and to promote all sectors of the music industry in the Basque Country.

BIME is promoted by the Regional Council Bizkaia and is projected to generate approximately four million euros for the region. Meeting rooms will be available to attending professionals and for speed meeting sessions, congresses and business conventions. The event will also attract cutting-edge new technologies and video game companies, as well as professionals in communication and marketing.

Music, business, new tendencies and a large public turnout all converge in this encounter, organized in collaboration with the music promoter Last Tour International. BIME offers music professionals from around the world a forum for exchanging ideas and creating new business opportunities in the changing landscape of the music industry.

Activities include record, book and festival presentations, and conferences, debates and roundtables. Since promoting the Basque music industry particularly in Bizkaia is a main objective of this event, one of the stages will focus on the Basque Country to provide an opportunity to introduce Basque musicians to the international agents and promoters attending the Bizkaia International Music Experience. Another stage will be reserved for a guest country. BIME aims to become a major reference on the European cultural agenda. La Biblioteca, enlaza con la Universidad de Deusto, edificada en , a través de la pasarela Pedro Arrupe, que conecta ambos lados de la ría.

Este Centro de Recursos para el Aprendizaje y la Investigación, responde a un nuevo concepto de biblioteca universitaria que alberga y fomenta no sólo la investigación, sino la formación y el aprendizaje, y se plantea como lugar para la formación continua y punto de encuentro universitario y cultural. Un edificio eminentemente funcional, de líneas rectas y sencillas. La Biblioteca de la Universidad de Deusto fue fundada en y atesora cerca de 1. Entre sus fondos destacan El nuevo edificio puede albergar Bilbao's process of revitalisation is internationally regarded as a model of urban renewal.

The space which just over two decades ago was home to shipyards, industrial sites and port activities, is now an aesthetically pleasing environment with green spaces and some of the most emblematic facilities and buildings of the new Bilbao. The driving force behind the process of transformation is the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, designed by architect Frank Gehry.

«Hay que denunciar las causas por las que huyen los refugiados»

Together with other iconic buildings, including the new central hall of the University of the Basque Country by architect Alvaro Siza and the Iberdrola Tower by César Pelli, stands the new University of Deusto library, designed by Navarra-born architect Rafael Moneo. The library is connected to Deusto University, built in , by the Pedro Arrupe footbridge, which links the two banks of the river. In the words of Moneo, the library is "a building that has its own identity from a distance, a monolithic, monochrome, neutral volume that does not compete with the titanium dazzle of the Guggenheim and is capable of seamlessly integrating itself into the green universe of the park.

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In contrast, from close up, the glass blocks used in the building's design reveal a complex combination of textures and nuances. It is an eminently functional building with simple, straight lines. The facade is covered with glass blocks which allow natural light to permeate the interior during the day and emanate. Transformed into a beacon, the library is a translucent allegory of its mission to enrich and expand knowledge.

The interior facade is made of screen-printed glass and concrete, separated from the outside layer by a 60 cm chamber for the lighting. The University of Deusto library was originally founded in The collection is a treasure trove of nearly 1,, volumes, including over 10, periodical titles, making it the largest library in the Basque Country.

The collection also boasts 60, books published before and 21 incunabula. The new building has space for , volumes and provides the best possible environment for preservation and conservation.

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This new facility also features exhibition space, a digital library, a multimedia library, cafeteria, dining room, reading rooms and booths for both individual researchers and groups. The uppermost floor is set aside for the Deusto Business School. The new library is open to everyone, offering users the latest technology, computers, databases, multimedia devices, digital information, software, etc. Bilbao Antzerki eta Dantza Bilbao Theatre and Dance will hold its annual celebration of cutting-edge performing arts, promoted by the Bilbao Department of Culture and Education.

The festival features theatre premieres, dance and multi-discipline performances by both local and international artists.

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This year's festival will feature a total of 19 companies performing on different stages throughout the city, including Bilbao Eszena in Santutxu, the former La Merced church, La Alhóndiga, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Muelle 3, among others. BAD is a festival of contemporary theatre and dance, focusing on new performance trends at the international, national and local levels. The festival's main emphasis is on living contemporary authors, avant-garde theatre, and on combining performing arts with other artistic disciplines music, video, etc.

The programme features 12 world premieres, two of them co-productions made especially for the festival, two of them premiering in Spain for the first time and another two are firsts in the Basque Country. As in previous years, BAD will dedicate much of its programming to work by local artists in the area of contemporary performing arts. The festival is one of the many programmes. In addition to BAD, the Department of Culture will make Bilbao Eszena centre for performance resources available to amateurs and semi-professionals.

Located in Santutxu, the centre offers free rehearsal space, work and meeting rooms, a performing arts documentation centre and training courses. The initiative is complemented with Bilboko Zirkuitua, a programme designed to promote the work of amateur companies in an effort to bring their plays and dance creations to the stages of municipal centres and other public venues.

The experience also aims to attract new audiences to theatre and dance in neighbourhoods around the city. The Bilbao Department of Culture's efforts to promote theatre and dance also include an artist residency programme, designed to support research and innovation in the area of local performing arts by helping artists to develop their projects.

The programme connects artists and researchers with sources of funding, installations, technical resources and partnerships with professional artists. El Festival forma parte del conjunto de programas que desarrolla el ayuntamiento para fomentar y promover las artes escénicas. Pero el origen, el punto de partida de cada asentamiento humano, de cada pueblo o ciudad, donde se produce su primer latido, guarda el código genético de ese lugar, el inicio de su historia y, en muchos casos, la propia razón de su existencia.

Y ese primer latido de Bilbao tuvo lugar en las siete calles, que discurre en paralelo, partiendo de la orilla derecha del Nervión, desde a la iglesia de San Antón. Junto a la iglesia de San Antón se encuentra el Mercado de la Ribera, un edificio de estilo Art Decó, que hoy, a medio camino en su proceso de rehabilitación, mantiene toda su vitalidad y es el mayor mercado cubierto de Europa. Saliendo de la Plaza Nueva, si levantamos la vista al recorrer cualquiera de las calles del Casco Viejo, toparemos con las fachadas de las casas con miradores y los escudos de las casas señoriales de piedra que son testimonio de la fortuna que alcanzaron los comerciantes de la villa.

If properly preserved, these are the places that give a city its unique character and essence, the things that set it apart and define the soul of a city. But it is the origin, the starting point of every settlement, of every town and city, where the first heartbeat can be heard. As you leave Plaza Nueva via any of the streets in the Old Town, make sure you look up at the houses.

Many of the facades are decorated with beautifully glazed balconies, and a number of solid stone houses feature impressive family coats of arms, bearing testimony to the success of many Bilbao merchants. In Bilbao that first heartbeat emerged in the seven streets that run parallel from the right bank of the Nervión River to the church of San Antón. Next to San Antón is the Mercado de la Ribera, the largest covered market in Europe, currently undergoing a major project to refurbish it back to its original Art Deco splendour.

From the Mercado de la Ribera any of the seven streets lead to Santiago Cathedral and plaza, or to the church of Santos Juanes. Next to Santos Juanes. Just a few steps from here is Plaza Nueva, built in the 18th century as an expansion to the seven original streets. Under the arches surrounding the rectangular square are several lively taverns serving delicious local tapas, known here as pintxos. The city eventually decided to expand to the other side of the river, with Arenal Park marking the border of the Old Town.

Today the Old Town is known for its excellent shopping, where classic shop windows intermingle with trendy boutiques and modern chain stores. Generoso y apasionado en sus respuestas convierte nuestro encuentro con él en un rato acogedor. Igor Yebra nos recibe en un estudio de su Escuela de Danza en Bilbao. Igor Yebra- Si, hay gente jovencita muy prometedora y otros ya han empezado a despuntar.

Llevamos ya siete años con la escuela y hay algunos niños y niñas que ya se han abierto camino fuera. Eso quiere decir que el trabajo va dando ya sus frutos. Pero estamos haciendo algo que para mí era muy importante y es que esos primeros 5 o 6 años de formación, hasta los 15 o 17 años, pudieran ser de calidad y sin padecer el desarraigo que supone tener que irse fuera a una edad temprana. Esperamos seguir creciendo para tener la oportunidad de completar la formación porque la capacidad la tenemos, solo nos falta el espacio.